Maternity and Babies


These sessions are fun and comfortable
  • In this session we focus on understanding what to you is the beauty and magic of your pregnancy and your new little one growing inside 
  • We also work with you to capture the connection between your family and your new bundle of joy that you're expecting.
  • Whether you are on your 1st or 4th pregnancy, each one is unique and beautiful. Capturing the beauty of this moment professionally is a precious gift to yourself and your unborn child.

If you book both the Maternity and Newborn session together you will receive a $50 print credit!

New Born Babies (0-3 months)

Their tiny features change so quickly and you will want to remember every detail
  • These sessions are best done in the first two weeks
  • We focus on capturing the natural beauty and the tiny details of your sweet baby; everything from their tiny fingers and toes to their button nose and those precious lips
  • New born sessions are relaxed, calm and not rushed. Our photographer is patient, kind and works around the schedule of your baby. 
  • Your baby's needs are most important, so there is time for you to tend to feedings and changes, and snuggles 
  • We have a mobile studio so these sessions can be done right in the comfort of your own home
  • We have beautiful sets and props

Babies (3 months - 12 months)

These sessions are fun, vibrant and sometimes just silly
  • We want your children to be themselves, our sessions are designed to make them laugh and giggle  
  • Your child maybe shy and calm, crazy or crying, or there may be moments where they are silly and giggling don't worry because this is life and you will want to capture all of these moments
  • These sessions can be indoors or outside
  • You can come to our studio or we could go to a park or location of your choice