Frequently asked questions


Can I buy from both poses?

Yes, however packages must contain one pose only.  For eg.  You may not order Package A and include both poses but you may order 2 Package A - one for pose 1 and one for pose 2.

How can I qualify for the Family discount?

Pay full price for your first Child and receive a 10% discount for the second child and any additional children you will recieve a 50% discount. This does not apply to sibling photography or items in the Ala Carte Section. All children must order the same package.

Can I get the family discount even if my children are not in the same school?

Yes, as long as all of your children have been photographed by Country Nuts Photography. Simply include a note inside the order envelope to tell us the names and schools of the children where you paid full price.

Can I purchase more photos later?

Yes, but you may have shipping and handling fees

Can I post-date my cheque?

Yes, but your package may be delayed in being sent back to the school until after your cheque has cleared the bank.

 What is the number to call if I have any further questions?

Office 780-570-4622   Toll Free 780-340-0403 

How can I pay for my photos.

We accept cheques, e-transfers, cash payments, Visa or Mastercard over the phone