What to Wear on School Photo Day


Prior to Photo Day

  • Book your HAIRCUT at least a week before the photo day, this allows hair to grow into a comfortable length for photos.
  • Check to make sure clothing for photo day is clean and wrinkle free.
  • For the older guys - make sure you shave first thing in the morning to eliminate stubble.
  • For the older girls - you look wonderful. Apply concealer for your blemishes if need but keep in mind we can also retouch.
  • Make sure your nails are trimmed and clean as hands may show in the portrait.  Older girls may want to do their nails.  Clear or neutral colours work best.
  • Remove any temporary tatoos with make up remover.

 On Your Photo Day

  • Solid colours in medium to dark shades work best for school portraits because it emphasizes your face.
  • Choose colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone.
  • Wearing long sleeves allows the face to stand out more as well.
  • Avoid shirts with slogans, and large patterns
  • Keep the focus on you with small accessories, such as simple earrings and necklaces.
  • You might want to bring a comb to make sure your hair is perfect right before your picture.
  • If you normally wear glasses, feel free to wear them for your photos. Our photographers are trained to reduce glare on the lens.

Photo Day and Order Forms

  • You will receive an order form with your photo proofs about two weeks after photo day.
  • This means no money is required at the camera on photo day.

 Photo Day and Posing

  • Practice your smile and posture in front of a mirror before photo day.
  • Remember to relax and have fun - our photographers are known to be fun and awesome people.